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About Us

Our mission is to make healing, organic beauty products that help repair damaged skin, keep healthy skin healthy and keep aging skin looking youthful and radiant. Heavenly Botanicals has set out to grow and wild harvest as many herbs as possible in our growing zone. That way we know for sure that no pesticides/herbicides were used in the growing process of the herbs. We have to source our oils from others, since we can't grow olives or coconuts in our zone, but we make sure they are as pure as we can find them. We strive to bring you the purest products without sulfates, parabens, GMO's, and any chemicals. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them and we wish you glowing, beautiful, and healthy skin!


Where are we: We are located in the beautiful Ocean State of Rhode Island, where we have a rich mix of cultures and history. You can find foods from all over the world on Federal Hill, antique stores and the well known Ancients & Horribles Parade in historic Chepachet, and all the fresh fish/shellfish you could dream of. 


Owner/Founder: The owner and creative mind behind Heavenly Botanicals, Brie. Brie struggled with her skin from about age 14 on. She tried every product imaginable, including the infamous Accutane, to heal her acne, but only after she gave birth to her son (at age 27) did she realize that they were both allergic to dairy. Dairy was wreaking havoc on her and her newborn son's body, he suffered from colic and she suffered from cystic acne, allergies, rashy, blotchy skin and a generally feeling of fatigue. When she gave up every last bit of dairy, even butter!, (that was hard), her acne was gone within weeks, her energy was up and her son's colic was cured! Amazing! Unfortunately the cystic acne left behind some nasty scarring and pitting, so instead of going to the store and buying up every scar product, she decided to trust her instinct and go natural. An avid reader, researcher and hunter for the truth, she set out to make her own skin care products. What resulted was incredible, the best products she'd ever used and they actually worked! She realized she couldn't keep these gems to herself, she knew people suffering from acne, breakouts, sun damaged skin, aging skin, deserved clear, healthy, glowing skin too! So here they are and we hope you find the skin you've always dreamed of. We know the heartache less than perfect skin can cause, it takes an emotional and physical toll, let us help you heal your skin, whatever your issue may be!!

Lots of love,

Heavenly Botanicals 


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