Heavenly Botanicals...Leading people to the light...

Our products are made with organic ingredients, either, grown on our farm, organically sourced or wild harvested from our surrounding forest. We believe skin care should be safe and simple. No chemicals, no synthetics, no toxins, just pure natural botanicals and oils.

Heavenly Botanicals was started by Brie, who endured many years of suffering because of the chemicals she was using on her skin, which caused allergies, acne, rashes, and less than perfect skin. Now a recovering chemical-holic Brie has decided to share her products with the world because the world needs beauty products that are safe, effective and nourishing to your skin.

We believe in the healing power of nature's botanicals, so if you're searching for nourishing, healing, organic products to get your skin back on the straight and narrow, then come on in and see the light.