Organic Coffee Soap, Cellulite soap, gardener's soap, Shea butter soap, exfoliant

$ 7.95

Organic Coffee Soap is made with pure coffee essential oil, organic butters, oils and coffee grounds.
There are so many benefits to using coffee, whether drinking it or on your skin, which is why it's so popular!!

Here are most of the benefits:

+ Exfoliates skin, improves circulation

+ Detoxifies skin, reduces blemishes

+ Reduces Puffiness

+ Helps brighten dark circles under eyes

+ Reduces cellulite

+ Gets rid of odors

+ Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

+ Brightens skin

+ Boost collagen production which makes you look younger

With all those benefits it'd be crazy not to try it right?!

Full ingredient list can be seen in pictures above.

Comes in a 1oz bar for now, and it's wrapped in pretty cardstock paper, making it a lovely gift!

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