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Sea Clay Mask, Face cleanser, Clay Cleanser, Sea Clay, Bentonite clay, Face mask, Oily skin, Combination skin

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Sea Clay Mask will leave your skin feeling purified, smooth and tight. Sea clay is rich in minerals that help nourish skin and detoxify pores. Clay has been used since ancient times for cleansing skin and for good reason, it's one of the best skin treatments skin can get when it's overloaded with toxins and feeling oily. Bentonite clay gently detoxifies clogged pores as well, but it is a soft, mild clay that doesn't strip oils while it's drawing out toxins and impurities and makes a lovely addition to this mask for it's mineral content and cleansing properties.

Ingredients: Sea Clay, Bentonite clay.
Comes in a,7 oz glass jar with cork top.

How to use: Grab a spoon and scoop out a quarter size or a little more into the palm of your hand, then add a small amount of water and make into a paste. Then massage into face going in circles in an outward motion. When you have covered your whole face leave it on for up to 20 minuites, then wash it off and feel your smooth silky skin!

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