Organic Blue Chamomile Facial Serum, For Rosacea, redness, and irritation

$ 29.99

Blue Calm Facial Serum features a super ingredient known as German chamomile, which when distilled turns blue. The blue is actually an organic compound called azulene.
Azulene has the ability to calm red inflamed skin deep in the skin tissue which makes it the perfect addition to a skin care routine for someone suffering from acne, rosacea or any other inflamed skin condition.
Not only is this serum super helpful it smells really fruity like fresh cut apples!

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba oil, Tocopherol (non-gmo vitamin E from sunflower seeds), Organic German (Blue) Chamomile.

This is a light, quick drying oil that will not leave a greasy feeling on your skin. We kept the ingredients simple so you could experience the awesome effects of the Blue Chamomile.

Blue Chamomile vs. Blue Tansy

If you're comparing blue Chamomile with a blue Tansy serum, let me fill you in on some of the dangerous aspects of tansy and why blue Chamomile is a better, and more importantly, safer choice.
This is an excerpt from webmd about blue tansy: "Short of death, tansy can cause restlessness, vomiting, severe diarrhea, stomach pain, dizziness, tremors, kidney or liver damage, bleeding, abortions in pregnant women, and seizures. Tansy is also UNSAFE when applied to the skin. It can cause a severe skin reaction."

I know tansy has become a popular ingredient but I would never put this on my skin and risk a reaction nor should you! Especially, Not when there's a safer choice!

The possible contraindications for using blue Chamomile are if you have any estrogen related disease you shouldn't use it, such as, breast cancer. Because like most plants it can act like an estrogen in the body. Also if you have an allergy to ragweed or are pregnant/nursing you should not use Chamomile.