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Face mask, Unicorn, Berry mask, Vitamin C mask, Clay mask, Organic skincare, facial care, skin brightening, Dragon fruit,

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Face Mask, Unicorn, Facial Care, Organic skincare, Acne treatment

Need a little more 🦄 in your life? I think we all do :)
Which is why I've formulated the Unicorn skin face mask, with seemingly magical ingredients like Dragonfruit, and Zeolite clay.

+Dragonfruit- anti aging, has super antioxidants that fight free radicals that cause wrinkles, and vitamin c which brightens and lightens skin.

Zeolite Clay- an excellent absorber of toxins, chemicals and things you don't want on your skin. It balances your skin pH while cleansing, and detoxifying too. A balanced skin ph is very important because when it's not balanced your skin is more susceptible to environmental damage. Your skin may also be more itchy, irritated, red, acne prone, overly oily, or overly dry if your pH is not balanced.

Strawberry- high in vitamin c a skin brightening and lightening vitamin.

Aloe- antibacterial, hydrating, moisturing, pH balancing, anti fungal, reduces puffiness, can help heal scars, acne, and many other skin issues.

Ingredients: Bentonite clay, Zeolite Clay, Organic Aloe powder, Organic Amla powder, Organic Dragonfruit powder, Organic Strawberry powder.

Comes in a 4oz glass jar. The ingredients are separated for beautiful presentation but need to be shaken up and combined before making a paste with water to put on skin.

Enjoy my lovelies!

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