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Organic Soap Gift, Handmade Soap, Gift for her, Peppermint soap, oatmeal soap, tangerine soap, orange soap, gift for him, Under 15

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Organic soap, Soap gift, Gift for her, Gift for him, Under $15

The perfect gift for your environmentally conscious friend that only buys Organic. Imagine their face lighting up as they open up your gift to find handmade soaps, with Organic ingredients and Heavenly smells wafting into their nostrils :)

In this gift are (3) 1oz bars of soap: For use on body or hands

Wake up Peppermint- Ingredients: Saponified oils of: ORGANIC COCONUT/ PALM/SAFFLOWER/SUNFLOWER, ORGANIC WHEAT GRASS, ORGANIC BARLEY, ORGANIC PEPPERMINT LEAF, MENTHOL, ROSEMARY EXTRACT, ESSENTIAL OIL OF PEPPERMINT. 1oz Talk about a wake up call, this soap slaps you in the face with it's powerful pepperminty aroma, and provides you with that squeaky clean feeling too.

Bowl of Oatmeal- Saponified oils of: ORGANIC COCONUT/ PALM/SAFFLOWER/SUNFLOWER, WATER, ORGANIC OATS, ORGANIC CLOVES, ROSEMARY EXTRACT ESSENTIAL OILS OF CLOVE BUD, AND CASSIA. 1oz This soap is exfoliating on top of being wonderfully spicy and nourishing to the skin.

Tangerine + Rosehip- Saponified oils of: ORGANIC COCONUT/ PALM/SAFFLOWER/SUNFLOWER, ORGANIC ANNATO SEED, ORGANIC ROSEHIPS, ORGANIC ORANGE PEEL, ROSEMARY EXTRACT, ESSENTIAL OILS OF ORANGE, LAVANDIN, AND TANGERINE. 1oz This soap combines 2 citrus oils to really cut through grease, oils, and anything on your skin that shouldn't be there. This soap would be great for mechanics, gardeners, or people who deal with any dirt, oil or grease. :)

We care about where our ingredients come from and the process of everything from start to finish. This gift comes wrapped in a Velvet red gift bag, and the soaps are individually packaged in recycled cardboard boxes.

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