Ultra Light Moisturizer, Aloe Moisturizer, Preservative Free

$ 15.99

Organic Acne Detox Moisturizer, features Organic Jojoba oil and Organic Aloe Vera, these two combined are powerful skin moisturizers and protectors. Aloe is well known for its anti-bacterial, acne fighting properties, while Jojoba oil, which is actually a wax ester, not an oil, is known for it's moisturizing and beautifying properties. Both of these will not clog pores and will not leave you feeling greasy. Jojoba oil is very much like the oils our face/body produce and therefore absorbs very easily into the skin.
****I am happy to announce that this moisturizer is now preservative free because the aloe goes through a distilling process instead of the normal extraction or pulverizing process! I am always working to make the best and safest products for my customers!

How to use: Shake well before use, the aloe and jojoba will separate because I do not use harmful and unnecessary emulsifiers! Apply product to a cotton ball and wipe over face and neck after cleansing and toning.

This product has a shelf life of up to a year once opened! No need to refrigerate!

Comes in a 2 oz glass bottle with sprayer or 8 oz glass bottle with screw on cap.

Ingredients: Fractionated Distilled Organic Aloe Vera juice, Organic Jojoba oil, Lavender essential oil.
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