Rise and Shine, Coffee Under eye serum, Reduces puffiness

$ 13.95

Coffee under eye serum, anti aging serum, anti inflammatory serum

This delicious fresh brew of Coffee under eye serum is made for those of you who just can’t get enough sleep. That’s me! If that’s you too, you’re certainly not alone! Coffee has the amazing ability to tighten skin and reduce puffiness making it look more awake. Isn’t that great?! I think so and that’s why I not only drink coffee every morning because it acts as a diuretic and gets rid of excess water that can cause that puffy look, I also apply this under eye serum, morning and night so I look alive and not like the walking dead.

Organic almond oil hexane free, organic jojoba oil, organic Rosehip Oil, tocopherol (vitamin E from sunflower seeds non gmo), essential oils: coffee, helichrysum italicum, carrot.

Comes in a .33 oz roll on glass bottle or .33oz glass dropper bottle.

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